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World-famous actor and comedian, George Edward Lopez, is best known for starring in the hit ABC sitcom, George Lopez, he has been active since 1983...

Josip Broz Tito was the former President of Yugoslavia, he is referred to as the second coming of Christ by some, and is alleged to have died in 1980.

Are they really the same person...?

Here's some reasons why George Lopez is possibly Josip Broz Tito:

Here is my theory...

Tito was kidnapped by the Soviets in 1980 and they staged his death... he then was liberated by America, but he could never go back to his former life in Yugoslavia... so the Americans gave him plastic surgery, tanned him, relocated him to California, and gave him the name "George Lopez." Tito, now sad that he is not president, resorted to comedy in order to fill the hole in his heart caused by the ethnic conflict in the Balkans... He then became famous and the rest is history.....

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